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Below are all the posts in Climategate.nl that have been published in English language. We intend to do more articles or at least summaries in English…

Wim Turkenburg: 100% duurzaam geen peulenschil

Wim Turkenburg. Langzamerhand lijkt het besef door te breken dat grootschalige inzet van duurzame energie niet mogelijk en ook niet wenselijk is. Zover gaat Wim Turkenburg overigens niet in zijn recente bijdrage aan de discussie in de Volkskrant onder de titel, ‘Jan Terlouws peulenschil – de overstap op hernieuwbare energie – is een loodzware opgave’.

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Wensdenken vs. onafhankelijk denken

Wim Turkenburg. Een gastbijdrage van Jeroen Hetzler. In de Volkskrant van 29 juli verscheen een overzicht van de vorderingen bij het bereiken van de afgesproken klimaatdoelen. Zie hier. Vooralsnog lijkt hier niet veel schot in te zitten. Zo lezen we: We gebruiken energie voor auto’s, voor industrie en voor elektriciteit, maar ook een aanzienlijk deel

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Postmoderne doemprofeten

Een gastbijdrage van Jeroen Hetzler. Tja, mochten wij weer een artikel smaken waarin men ons wil wijsmaken dat wij een klimaatprobleem hebben. Het artikel tracht in te haken op het onderliggende doemdenken dat sinds het Rapport aan de Club van Rome zich in ons denken heeft genesteld onder druk van de milieubeweging en andere belanghebbenden

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Discussing the future of the European gas market at the EAGC conference

By our reporter on Euro-Russian affairs, Carola Dieudonné Discussing the future of the European gas market at the EAGC conference A brief take on the European Autumn Gas Conference (EAGC) At the annual EAGC event, which took place at the World Forum in The Hague between the 14 and 16 of November 2016, high level

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Farmers don’t believe in global warming and why that’s not a paradox

If one ever wanted one article summing up all that’s wrong with climate science and climate science communication then we now have a credible source. Read senior editor Beth Kowitt’s Fortune article: The Paradox of American Farmers and Climate Change. What is the paradox? Some U.S. farmers are skeptical of climate change, even though they’re among the most affected

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Jorgen Vig Knudstorp, You Are a Pussy!

As Schopenhauer stated, when rational arguments no longer suffice – pe. your opponent is too stupid/irrational or whimpy anyway- you just start insulting. We arrive at this level of discussion when LEGO-CEO Jorgen Vig Knudstorp kneels for terror by an activist-multinational (income over 0.2 billion euros) that exploits toys of children for it’s political ideology

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Greenpeace showcases its anti-human side

Greenpeace activist confirms every negative story you’ve ever read about this activist group Guest blog by Paul Driessen It was a surreal experience. As the Heartland Institute’s hugely successful Ninth International Conference on Climate Change ended, I agreed to let Greenpeace activist Connor Gibson interview me. I’d just given a presentation on Big Green’s lethal

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Arctic March Dutch climate journalist Bernice Notenboom fails miserably

Our little Dutch sceptic community gave blogger and nature photographer Rypke Zeilmaker 1000 euro for his one thousandth blog posting to buy a new camera with which he now very sustainably shoots fabulous “localy produced” images. 62 investors amongst whom a number of government institutions gave 18.800 euro’s to professional adventurer and “climate journalist” Bernice Notenboom who in order to portrait the “final

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Leading Dutch Financial Newspaper: “Is the European energy policy bankrupt?”

Notrickszone.com is so valuable in that it shares purely German news with the whole world. Today with this announcement in Financieel Dagblad I feel that also the whole world should know. I heard about the new theme in a series of Energy Debates – “Is the European energy policy bankrupt?” – from an advertisement on

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OK, you want to avoid more than 2°C warming, here’s your Challenge Ahead

On a day with particularly interesting weather (tornado’s, hail, storm – see my picture), while surfing the web for my daily dose of news on climate and energy, I accidentally came across an online report by the Dutch Environmental Planning Agency (PBL) about tracking the goals of “Rio 1992”. There is a regular webversion here and

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